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We've collected the main questions you typically ask us. Don't hesitate to contact us via the Help Center if you can't find the answer you're looking for!


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How many followers do I need to have to participate in campaigns?

There isn't a minimum of followers you should have on social media to access the platform. However, brands can decide to open their campaigns to ambassadors above a certain number of followers. If you have the required number of followers in the desired social media, then the campaign will show up in your space and you'll be able to apply. Brands can demand other criteria such as interest areas, social media, engagement rate etc. For this reason, each member of the Hivency community has access to different campaigns.

What do I need to create a Hivency account?

You only need your email and a social media account! In the case of Instagram, you must have a business account linked to a Facebook page. Your account must be public!

What kind of collaborations do you offer?

In Hivency, you can participate in campaigns from different fields (beauty, fashion, food, decoration, music, travel, high-tech, luxury, children, services)

Is it possible to contact the brands?

You will be able to contact the brands you collaborate with through Hivency's messaging section in your account.

How will I know if I was accepted for a collaboration?

When the brand validates the partnership, you'll receive an e-mail notification.

How many campaigns can I collaborate in?

You'll have credits to collaborate with the brands. When an offer interests you and you apply to it, you'll be charged one credit (one credit is charged per applied product). To start off, you'll have three credits. But don't worry, the number of credits goes up after your first partnership. You'll have 8 then. To gain your credits back, you must respect the deadlines and publication briefings.

How long does it usually take brands to accept a candidate?

As a general rule, you'll receive an answer from the brand in under a week.

How long do I have to create the content?

You generally have as much as 30 days to test the product or service and showcase it to your community.

Are partnerships remunerated?

Partnerships are not remunerated. But it's an opportunity for you to test products for free, create content for your social media and collaborate with the brands you love.

Are there strict rules to follow during the collaborations?

When you sign up to Hivency you accept the general terms of use. Moreover, each collaboration you accept with a brand will have certain conditions. If you don't respect them, you risk not being chosen for other collaborations on the platform.

What do you do with my data?

Only your personal data like your name and address are accesible to the members of Hivency and to brands with wich you will collaborate (for the delivery of products). The rest of the information such as your log in details on the different social media are completely secure and secret. No one can access them!


Why do I have to connect my accounts?

It's necessary to connect your social media to have acces to content campaigns, as it's according to the social media you connect that you'll have access to some campaigns or others. It's also indispensable so you can validate your posts on Hivency and get back your credits. You can rest assured, we don't have the right to publish in your name, nor to like or comment.


How will I receive the products?

Generally, the products will be sent directly to the address you write in your Hivency profile. However, for certain campaigns, the brands can send you a code so you can directly buy it on their site.


What campaigns do I have access to if I'm not an influencer?

Brands decide the size of the community they wish their ambassadors to have. Certain brands don't demand a certain number of followers for their campaigns, especially for certain campaigns of product tests or an experience review, which is characterised by a review on an external site. 


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