Platform for brand ambassadors

Discover our platform!

Hivency is a platform that connects influencers and consumers with the best brands to carry out authentic collaborations with a product or service. 

Discover how to create your Hivency account, how the platform works or how to collaborate with brands. 


How does our platform work?

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Sign up and connect your social media

Sign up, connect the social media you're most active on and access campaigns!

It's necessary to connect your social media to access campaigns and validate your posts, but all your data is protected. 

We don't have the right to publish in your name, nor to like or leave comments. 

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Collaborate with your favorite brands!

Is your account ready? Nothing left to do but to apply to available campaigns that match the content you share on social media.

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Receive your products and share them on social media

Once you've received the product, you're ready to create your own post on social media or leave your review. Post your content and apply to new campaigns.

How to create your Hivency account?


Create your profile

Write your email address and a password. The access to the platform is free for content creators.


Define your areas of interest

Choose among more than 10 universes (beauty, sports, food...) to access campaigns that align with you!


Connect your social media

Participate in campaigns in as many social media as you use: Instagram, Youtube, Blog, Pinterest... It's your call!

Start now!

Round of questions

What kind of collaborations do you propose?

In Hivency, you can participate in content campaigns or review campaigns for social media in many sectors (beaury, fashion, food, decoration, music, travel, high-tech, luxury, children, services etc.)

How will I know if I've been accepted for a partnership?

Once the brand validates the partnership, you'll receive a notification via email. 

How many campaigns can I participate in?

You'll have credits to collaborate with brands. Once an offer interests you, you can apply to it, and you'll be charged a credit (it's one credit for every chosen product). Starting out, you'll have 3 credits. But don't worry, you'll receive more credits after your first collaboration. Then you'll have 8. To gain back your credits, you must respect the guidelines and deadline of the campaigns.

How long does it take for brands to accept my application?

Normally, you'll receive an answer in under a week.

What do you do with my data?

It's necessary to connect your social media accounts to have access to content campaigns. Depending on the social media you connect you'll have one campaign or another available on Hivency.

Connecting your social media is also necessary to validate your publications on Hivency and gain back your credits. 

However, not to worry, we don't have the right to publish in your name, nor to like or leave comments.