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Product test campaigns

Find out on Hivency's platform about our Product Test campaigns that allow every passionate person to test products for free in exchange for authentic reviews on external websites. Rating and Reviews often help you to find the right product? We truly believe in the power of your feedback and want to give you the opportunity to test and share your reviews to guide the next consumers in their purchase!


How does it work ?

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Sign up and connect your social networks

To access Rating & Reviews campaigns on Hivency and test products, you have to sign up and connect at least one social network on which you are active. You can access campaigns from one follower!

It's necessary to connect your social media to access campaigns and validate your posts, but all your data is protected. We don't have the right to publish in your name, nor to like or leave comments. 

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Look for all free products offered by your favorite brands

Once your account is confirmed, you are ready to look for all brands and products available for free on the platform. Does something catch your eye? Apply to the campaign and receive products for free at your home.

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Test the product and leave a review

Take your time to test the product, make a review on the websites concerned, and on the platform with a rating on a five-point scale! It allows the brand to see your review on its product and keep your profile for future collaborations.

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What kind of collaborations do you offer?

In Hivency, you can participate in campaigns from different fields (beauty, fashion, food, decoration, music, travel, high-tech, luxury, children, services)

What campaigns do I have access to if I'm not an influencer?

Brands decide the size of the community they wish their ambassadors to have. Certain brands don't demand a certain number of followers for their campaigns, especially for certain campaigns of product tests or an experience review, which is characterised by a review on an external site. 


Why do I have to connect my accounts for Rating & Reviews campaigns?

It's necessary to connect your social media to have acces to content campaigns, as it's according to the social media you connect that you'll have access to some campaigns or others. It's also indispensable so you can validate your posts on Hivency and get back your credits. You can rest assured, we don't have the right to publish in your name, nor to like or comment.

What do you do with my data?

Only your personal data like your name and address are accesible to the members of Hivency and to brands with wich you will collaborate (for the delivery of products). The rest of the information such as your log in details on the different social media are completely secure and secret. No one can access them!

How many campaigns can I collaborate in?

You'll have credits to collaborate with the brands. When an offer interests you and you apply to it, you'll be charged one credit (one credit is charged per applied product). To start off, you'll have three credits. But don't worry, the number of credits goes up after your first partnership. You'll have 8 then. To gain your credits back, you must respect the deadlines and publication briefings.