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Round of questions

What kind of collaborations do you propose?

In Hivency, you can participate in campaigns from different fields (beauty, fashion, food, decoration, music, travel, high-tech, luxury, children, services)

How will I know if I was accepted for a collaboration?

When the brand validates the partnership, you'll receive an e-mail notification.

How many campaigns can I collaborate in?

You'll have credits to collaborate with the brands. When an offer interests you and you apply to it, you'll be charged one credit (one credit is charged per applied product). To start off, you'll have three credits. But don't worry, the number of credits goes up after your first partnership. You'll have 8 then. To gain your credits back, you must respect the deadlines and publication briefings.

How long does it usually take brands to accept a candidate?

As a general rule, you'll receive an answer from the brand in under a week.

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