The Hivency Team

Beyond being a platform that helps you find partnerships, we're above everything else a team present worldwide. More than 80 marketing  and tech passionates to offer you the best partnerships possible. After 4 years, we take pride in offering you a platform with unique technology and a personalised approach.

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A word from Céline, our Head of Community

Influence isn't just a simple tool of performance for brands anymore. The feeling has evolved, and brands nowadays are looking for authenticity and proximity with their ambassadors to achieve truthful and pertinent campaigns.

Thanks to our smart matching system and a knowledge of our community, we can connect you with the brands that align with you, to make sure we provide the right product to the right people.

In Hivency, we value every single content creator, be it through posts, stories, reels, vlogs or reviews!

We support our community in their journey towards becoming great content creators and growing their audience and ability to collaborate with brands.

Hivency in numbers

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More than 150 000 products sent

Dozens of products are sent every day to your mailboxes. 

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More than 17 000 campaigns launched

Since the creation of Hivency, 14 000 campaigns have been launched on the platform.

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More than 1 000 brands on the platform

Receive products from L'Oréal, Vapiano or Camaïeu.

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Hivency in the world

Even if our offices are in Paris and Madrid, our teams can help you no matter where you are. Our hive speaks many languages and can help with any technical issues. 

Our values

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Happy client, happy Hivency

Our priority is our clients satisfacion. All our workers are motivated by their desire to help brands optimise their influence marketing strategy. We're constantly listening to our clients and attentive to their needs to be able to keep proposing the best solution possible.

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Employees First

In Hiveny, benevolence is the key word. We prioritise the comfort of our teams, and we take prade in making sure that everyone can give the best of themselves and evolve in a relxed work environment. We encourage the communication between teams. Each new arrival is a fundamental member to the success of Hivency and we want their integration to be as pleasant as possible.

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Learn Harder, Grow Faster

"We are determined to go further to improve our tool, our performance, but also our day-to-day, our workers are constantly challenging themselves"

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To Infinity and Beyond

L’une des qualités communes des membres d’Hivency est l’ambition. Nous faisons tout ce qui est en notre pouvoir pour être à la hauteur des ambitions de l’entreprise. Développer l’activité d’Hivency est notre objectif principal.

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Together is Better

In Hivency, our triumphs and failures are colective. To reach excellence, we are aware that team work is fundamental. We think it's very important to meet regularly to have a nice team cohesion.

January 2017

Launch of the Beta

Our adventure starts in a school class, and more precisely in the library of the shool of our co-founders, Dorian Ciavarella. Start of 2017, the Beta version of the enterprise was launched.

October 2017

Fundraising : 400K euros

End 2017, our startup Hivency developed and carried out its first fundraising of 400 000 euros.

January 2018

From 2 to 10 workers

From two, we grew to 10 workers in january 2018. Many talents joined our adventure and still are part of the team.

March 2018

Launch of Germany and Spain

Two months after the arrival of our new collaborators, we launched our influence marketing solution in Germany and Spain. After, we opened our Madrid offices.

August 2018

Fundraising : 2M euros

In August 2018, we collected 2,5 million euros to deploy our influence marketing solution in all of Europe.

January 2019

A team of 40 workers

Still with our strategy of international development, our team was completed and in January 2019 we were 40 workers passionate about marketing and technology.

January 2019

Fundraising: 4M euros

After our 2,5 million euros fund raise, we raised 4 million euros to develop our international influence marketing solution. Our strategy for 2020 will be oriented towards growing our initial functions and managing influencer communities, with the management of client communities.

January 2020

80 workers in the adventure

After a raise of 4m€, the team grew once again and now 80 collaborators are part of the adventure.

June 2020

Acquisition of the platform Lucette, a tool for consumer reviews

With the acquisition of the french startup Lucette in june 2020, we continue to pursue the growth of our initial functions, towards the management of client communities and brand ambassadors. The Lucette team, composed of 6 members, completed our team of 80 collaborators.

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